What You May Not Know About Cosmetic Surgery


Before you consider liposuction in Thailand, you may be interested to learn a few things about the cosmetic surgery industry that few patients are aware of. While there are a huge number of excellent and highly trained surgeons in Thailand, this is not the case in every country around the world. Read on to discover a few hidden facts about cosmetic surgery.


Weekend Training

If you decide to have liposuction in Thailand, you have the benefit of a surgeon with years of extensive training. At the Nida Esthetic for example, our surgical team have been globetrotting to learn the latest techniques in their respective fields. Unfortunately, not every clinic contains such dedicated individuals.

Although liposuction takes years of training in order to become a specialist, this isn’t always the case with procedures such as Botox. Shockingly, there are surgeons who opt for weekend training seminars in order to learn more about certain procedures! In the UK, there is a lack of specialist surgeons so patients often end up with a surgeon who is not an expert in the field.


Don’t Hunt for Bargains!

There is no substitute for good health so it is a bad idea to choose the first low cost clinic you find. It is also possible to find ‘discounts’ on social media sites but you must be aware that no two surgeons possess the same level of skill. Central and South American countries in particular have a poor reputation but still receive business because of the ultra low prices.

There is no need to place your health at risk for the sake of a bargain when you can have liposuction in Thailand or any other cosmetic procedure for a price that is way below what is charged in the US, UK or other European nations. Thailand has a good reputation so trust the thousands of positive reviews, do some research and find the right clinic.


Mistakes can be a Money Maker

Cosmetic surgery is one of the few fields where surgeons make money off the mistakes of others. If you believe that surgeons in the United States are infallible, think again! Dr. Sam Rizk, a top New York cosmetic surgeon, admits that 33% of his rhinoplasty patients have underwent previous surgeries that he needed to correct.


A detailed study in American cosmetic surgery showed that ‘revision’ surgery had risen to 35% in 2012, a vast increase from the 2008 figure. It is hard to imagine what would cause such a rise in errors though perhaps it is due to an increased number of unqualified surgeons. There is no such issue when you have liposuction in Thailand as the success rate of these procedures is astronomical and among the highest rates in the world. It is not unusual for Thai surgeons to correct the mistakes of others however.


While you can be sure that liposuction in Thailand is a safe procedure and one that can transform your life, it is still a good idea to perform research to ensure your surgeon of choice is up to the task.


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