A Brief History of Liposuction


While liposuction in Thailand is becoming an incredibly popular cosmetic surgery procedure, how many people know the history of this incredible technique? Aren’t you in the least bit interested in learning about how we got to the point where it is possible to simply eliminate up to 50 pounds of fat in a single surgical procedure? Previous generations did not have the opportunity to simply ask a skilled surgeon to remove any unsightly fat and make them look amazing.

Liposuction in Thailand has improved to the point where you not only have excessive fat removed, you also have the overall shape of the body altered so you can finally achieve that svelte and desirable figure you’ve always wanted. So who do we have to thank for this breakthrough?

The Evolution of Liposuction
A French surgeon by the name of Charles Dujarier was the first person in recorded history to use relatively modern methods of removing fat and body contouring. Unfortunately, Dr Dujarier had an incident with a model in 1926 which resulted in her leg being amputated due to gangrene. The public were frightened of the new technique and it was effectively shelved for decades. European surgeons in the 1960s used rather primitive curettage techniques but again, the results were less than satisfactory.

Modern Liposuction
It is fair to say that liposuction in Thailand or anywhere else in the world for that matter would not be possible without the work of Giorgio and Arpad Fischer, a pair of Italian gynaecologists who could be called the ‘fathers of modern liposuction’. They developed a ‘blunt tunnel’ technique in 1974 that paved the way for innovators such as Dr Yves-Gerard Illouz who made liposuction a more mainstream procedure with his ‘Illouz Method’ that was first made public in a 1982 presentation.

The Illouz Method involved the use of blunt cannulas and high-vacuum suction which infused fluid into tissues and was essentially a method of suction-assisted lipolysis. It had a high rate of success and low rate of accidents so it quickly became a hit. This led to surgeons in the United States experimenting with new liposuction techniques as they attempted to make the procedure less invasive and use local anaesthetic rather than the more powerful general anaesthetic that was being used up to that point.

The first steps towards the ultra modern techniques used during liposuction in Thailand occurred in the 1990s when ultrasound was used to liquefy the fat before removal. Three decades of improvements have ensured that it is possible to remove more fat cells than ever before with less risk, discomfort and blood loss. The result of this of course is to reduce the overall recovery time.

Now it is possible to have certain liposuction procedures in Thailand and recover fast enough to enjoy the best holiday of your life! At the Nida Esthetic, you can remove the unsightly fat that makes your life miserable, enjoy all the incredible tourist attractions in the city and return home looking and feeling like a new person. Liposuction in Thailand has come a long way and ultimately, everyone is a winner.

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